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Richard Harland is looking for a volunteer to carry on the work he has done on those who attended general meetings at Skipton or nearby Scalehouse in 1658-1660. His project stems from what is often seen as the first Yearly Meeting of the Society of Friends, held at Skipton on 25th March 1660. He has made a list of those who are recorded as attending using various primary and secondary sources and now wishes to gather more details about them.
He says ‘Those who came were (in my phrase) enablers of the Truth, a largely different set from the ‘valiant sixty’ men and women who traveled as publishers or preachers of the Truth...They came widely from the north, bringing spiritual depth and wisdom to discern the way of Truth in supporting both the preachers in their travels and others who bore witness locally...To gather details as a group of these 105 men of strong character would build a picture of one aspect of the Quaker community in the north in its first decade… With help from friends old and new this would be a happy task of ferreting out where each came from, with his dates, occupation, ‘sufferings’ and Quaker involvements; and putting it all into a helpful computer format.’

Mike Macleod has produced a book called Quakers in Henley 1658-2008. The book describes the story of Quakers in Henley on Thames set against the background of the history of the Quaker movement as a whole and is handsomely produced, illustrated with over 80 colour photographs, mostly taken in the garden of Henley Meeting House.
The book is at the moment available at an introductory price of £12 (plus £3 p&p) from the author, Mike Macleod, The Mount, Gallowstree Road, Peppard, Henley on Thames RG9 5JB

Pamela Cooksey As well as her book on Joseph Wood, in the spring of 2011 Pamela Cooksey will be making the full transcript of Joseph’s diary, in four volumes, available in Friends House Library and other centres for Quaker Studies. In the autumn of 2011 a compilation of Quaker Families noted in the writings of Joseph Wood 1750-1821, a Yorkshire Quaker will also be available.

1624 Country
George Fox was one of the great Christian visionaries and this website and the heritage committee behind it, aim to promote the areas around Fenny Drayton, the birthplace of where George Fox was born and spent his formative years. as well as places to visit in the Warwickshire and Leicestershire area See for more information and walk leaflets.

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