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This is circulated to members.

The Journal of the Friends Historical Society.
The Society produces a journal twice a year and this is distributed to all members.
Content is papers produced by members or by invitation. As an example from the contents list of Volume 62 No. 1:

  • Spreading Friends Books for Truths Service: The Distribution of Quaker Printed Literature in the Eighteenth Century. By David J. Hall
  • Quaker Missionary Work in Germany from 1790 until 1899. List of Anglo - American visitors. By Claus Barnett
  • A Nineteenth Century Student - Joseph Bevan Braithwaite (1818-1905). By Rosemund Cummings
  • Edwardian Peace Testimony: British Quaker against militarism and conscription c. 1902-1914. by Roger T. Steam
  • Friends and War, 1914-15 by David Rubinstein Friends International Centres in the early Twentieth Century. By Stephen Collett

Supplements to the journal – these are separate publications
From time to time we publish books supplements to the Journal of Friends Historical Society

  • No 24. THE ATLANTIC COMMUNITY OF EARLY FRIENDS, Presidential address by Frederick B. Tolles, 1952. £1.00
  • No. 29. SOME QUAKER PORTRAITS, CERTAIN AND UNCERTAIN. By John Nickalls. 1958. Illustrated. £1.00
  • No. 33. JOHN PERROT. By Kenneth L. Carroll. 1971. £2.00
  • No. 32. JOHN WOOLMAN IN ENGLAND, 1772. By Henry J. Cadbury. 1971. £2.00
  • No. 34. "THE OTHER BRANCH": LONDON Y.M. AND THE HICKSLTES, 1827-1912. By Edwin B. Bronner. 1975. £1.25
  • No. 35. ALEXANDER COWAN WILSON, 1866-1955. By Stephen Wilson . 1974. £1.00

FHS, Occasional Series

  • No. 1 MANCHESTER, MANCHESTER AND MANCHESTER AGAIN: from 'SOUND DOCTRINE' to 'A FREE MINISTRY'. By Roger C. Wilson. 1990. Members £2.00, (Non-members £3.00.)

Back issues of the JOURNAL (and the supplements) can be obtained for £3 per issue for members (£5 for non-members) to include postage and packing.
Overseas applicants are asked to add £2 to cover the additional cost of post. Requests should be made to the Treasurer c/o The Library, Friends House, 173 Euston Road, London NW1 2BJ

Not needed copies of Journals and Supplements wanted
HS would be glad to receive unwanted copies of back issues of the Journal and of the Supplements. Address to FHS, c/o The Library, Friends House, London NW12BJ.


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